Functional Lightweight Parts

Inventing a new approach to 3D printing our patent on Continuous Composite Three-Dimensional Printing technology is focused on printing functional, strong, and lightweight materials. In addition, our Patent pending Additive Mechanical Growth Technology provides a foundational new positioning system utilizing hollow tubular printing techniques and multiple print heads working together in tandem to continuously manufacture large advanced structures.

Our core technology developments harness UV light to instantly cure our combination of continuous fiber and thermoset matrix material giving us the ability to print into free space. Rapid initiation of free radical polymerization is promoted by our precise control of high intensity irradiation to quickly promote crosslinking of the thermoset matrix among the continuous fibers. Initially printing with a single nozzle, we have rapidly improved our process to print with 8 channel and 16 channel nozzles utilizing different material combinations including novel combinations of copper wire and fiber optics.

Strong Partnerships

Strong Potential

We have partnered with a leading Scientific Equipment Manufacturer, McAllister Technical Services, to develop advanced mechanical solutions. We have re-imagined materials and processes to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing.

Working together with Finnegan and Associates we are actively protecting our interests in this groundbreaking new technology. We are creating new Intellectual Property, with our foundational patent granted, and additional new applications on novel concepts related to this ground-breaking technology.